Baidu – Your Passport to the World’s Most Populated Country

The funny thing in the report released by Google is that the most popularly term searched by users in their website is the term “baidu.” In fact, that is the name of their largest rival in the search engine market of China. And it’s no surprise that the Chinese prefers their homegrown brand compared to Google. Their strong sense of patriotism is obvious in many ways.

China alone can boast of hundreds of millions of internet users. And with this prevailing search engine commonly used by the people to search for mp3s or videos, the market for Baidu is really huge. You might take 5.5 percent of the global internet population very lightly but when it is translated into number of users, that 5.5% is 372,000,000 on the estimate. That means the Chinese are not the only ones who use the search engine. Well in fact Baidu has franchises in Japan ( so it really is not limited to China. But Chinese SEO will still work perfectly fine here. It may even be more beneficial that Baidu reaches other parts of the world because it gives more exposure to the mother website which is Baidu China which can be reached at

And besides, who could ever resist the promise of good revenue? If doing business with US is satisfying in terms of the ROI, then China will surely be just like that-or maybe even better. Just as the population begins to become more and more internet savvy, there are also more growth opportunities for the Chinese internet market.

Now, you might be really decided on penetrating China now. But the barriers with the country are not only in terms of language (there is an apparent difficulty of bridging knowledge of Chinese characters with the English language). It is also in terms of what kind of search engine or searches will be permitted by the authorities to operate in their country. As we all know, Google had quite a big fight with the Chinese government after it denounced plans of hacking the software of the search engine giant. China SEO can be quite manipulating at times and it is expected since China has a communist government.

More than anything else, remains a profitable market for all people interested din making business out of the internet. Might as well divert your efforts into this site when engaging in SEO and affiliate marketing because it will surely give you the compensation you are looking for in a home-based job. The underdeveloped affiliate marketing arena of is raw playing field that is yet to be utilized. Chinese SEO can drastically improve the current trend of home based jobs in China and it is expected to spur a new wave of employment because of the transition from manual to virtual employment.