Search Engine Optimization in Baidu

If you are like most online marketers or online business owners who are planning to expand your income horizons by conquering a larger target market, then doing search engine optimization in Baidu is the best option for you. But before you get all too excited, first ask this – what exactly is search engine optimization and why is it beneficial to do it in Baidu?

A larger portion of the Chinese audience is found in Baidu. The Chinese are such a powerful people – their language is the most widely spoken language in the world where an estimate that every 5th person in the world speaks Chinese.

Following that line of thought, you can precisely infer that there are a lot of people in the world who speaks Chinese hence a Chinese based search engine like Baidu would be greatly preferred by this Chinese-speaking people. Baidu is a very powerful search engine if you are trying to target a localized audience, like the Chinese, which is why Baidu is one of the highest used search engines in the world and its usage goes well beyond the Chinese borders.

However, before you can make it big in doing search engine optimization in Baidu you have to know a couple of things. First, you need to get your website translated in Chinese in order to let it rank on the Chinese search engines.

After you got your website translated to Chinese, be careful with whom you trust your website too – it is recommended that you get the services of a professional instead of jumping right into free software. Make sure your website has the required keywords as well as the right syntax and grammar – just like any English-based search engine, a website that has a lot of syntax and grammar errors will never get customers.

Adding content to your website is the tricky part, especially if you are not a native Chinese speaker. Chances are you might not be able to verify content due to lack of expertise of the language, which in this case, hiring a trustworthy provider is extremely advisable.

Setting up an online marketing and advertising campaign in Baidu also means that you need to have the basic skills of general search engine optimization, at the very least. While Baidu SEO works quite differently in Baidu unlike Google, the basic principles of SEO remains true for almost all search engines.

Doing SEO in Baidu puts emphasis on the quantity of links that point towards a certain website, unlike SEO in Google where the relevance and quality of the incoming links are considered more important. To be successful, you need a provider who can give you a large number of links every month so that you can rank higher and faster.